weLAB: Low-Cost Engineering Laboratory Project


Project Idea: Develop low-cost laboratories for engineering: 

- Develop low-cost experiments for laboratory classes and projects.
- Develop on-line courses on the experiments and laboratories.
- Outreach program to grade schools and high schools for technology education.

Cooperation: The key to the success of this project is sharing, a "mutually-beneficial cooperation" between universities around the world, facilitated by this web site, via collaborative development of laboratories and the posting of project succeses at this site by all.

Attention OSU Students! Capstone Design Classes (Au14, Sp15; travel priority given to students who take these classes) and Study Abroad Program (travel, Spring Break 2015) for this project. Click here for a slide presentation on these and email addresses to get more information.  There was a webinar where the classes, study abroad program, and trip were explained and questions answered at 8:00pm on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 and the recording of that session can be seen here.